SuperEats is designed for you to make the right choices about eating habits. We don’t push any specific meal plan or diet. We believe that every human is unique, so for some people vegan might be the right choice, for others it’s paleo diet.

Our mission

Our mission is to help you to listen to your body and
find the way to the balanced and healthy lifestyle.

SuperEats offers in-depth information about nutritional value of various produce that could help to prevent autoimmune diseases and cancer. We developed over 300 recipes for everybody. You can choose from vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo, authentic and creative yummy dishes. Let food be the medicine, and let medicine be the food!

We created this app to share best in class health coaching techniques that will support people on a journey to ultimate health. Short coaching sessions will help to maintain the desired weight, stay in shape, manage stress and relax or uplift mood and boost energy. SuperEats meditations and affirmations are based on psychology and scientifically proven techniques to inspire awareness and mindful eating.

Alina Reyzelman is the CEO and Founder of SuperEats. Alina is a former corporate executive, who held various senior sales and leadership roles for global blue-chip ompanies in Eastern Europe, Holland, United Kingdom and the USA. She has broad experience in strategic business expansion, revamping company operations, and staff coaching. She is a self-made entrepreneur, results-oriented professional with 20+ years’ experience with demonstrated success in revenue growth for established businesses and startups.

Alina is actively engaged in charitable work and the creative arts, especially filmmaking and writing screenplays. She is a health & wellness activist, connoisseur of wine and gourmet cooking aficionado.

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